Join me on a imaginary journey

Inspired by my Swedish childhood , I trie to capture the timeless memories that weaves itself through my life.

About me

My whimsical art is a glimpse into my youth which is deeply rooted within the Scandinavian culture, with hints towards a nostalgic atmosphere blended with my life in Australia. I try to  capture the art of the simpler life to create a calm and happy feeling. From the quirky houses and whimsical scenery, the visibility of the brush strokes and imperfections, I seek the balance between finished and unpolished, aiming for relatable yet layered works of art.
In a world where rules govern so much, I strive to break free and explore uncharted territories of artistic expression. Through colours, playful forms, and unexpected combinations, I invite you to join me on this unconventional path.

Acrylics on canvas provide me with the freedom to experiment and push the boundaries of traditional art. With each brushstroke, I embrace the unknown, allowing my intuition to guide me. I believe that art should not be confined by rigid rules but should instead be a reflection of our innermost selves, unconstrained by external expectations.

I humbly acknowledge that my art stands on the shoulders of countless talented artists who have come before me. It is through their bravery and innovation that I find the courage to forge my own path. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my creations with you today, and I hope that they bring you a sense of delight, wonder, and inspiration.


It is my mission to provide high quality products while minimising the impact on the environment by using recycled materials where possible in the manufacturing process.